Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Tap Clean

Tap is the most popular used part of the kitchen. I am sure that you want to know tips to keep cleaning your kitchen taps for maintaining hygiene while still staying sustainable and eco-friendly. Let me help you out!

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Taps?

It is effortless to treat and prevent the problem using items you have at home. There are some ways to clear drains and keep them running smoothly. Firstly, you should know the reason why it is not clean.

Limescale accumulation: Over time, limescale, chalky or hard deposit of calcium carbonate accumulates in the filter of tap, it will result in the flow of water slowing down. 
Dirt on the knob: The knob is the most common part. Hence, it will collect dirt, which needs clean-ups frequently.
Complex water strains: The magnesium and calcium deposits in the tap water might leave some brownish stains on the tap. 
Grime at the tap joint with the sink: This part is tough to clean. It is constantly in moist condition. 

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Tap Clean

Method 1: Using a melon

Melon is the natural solution for removing the limescale buildup from your tap. If the water pressure in your faucet reduces significantly, it means that the limescale is causing the obstruction. For dealing with this problem, place a half of lemon over the calcified location. 

Then leave it; lemon will support to remove limescale buildup for several hours. The acid contained in lemon dissolves the limescale. After that, you can scrub away the loosened buildup with the scrub pad. Besides, you can apply the lemon juice and use it to remove the hard water stains on your taps. 

Method 2: Using Vinegar

The second effective way to keep your taps clean is vinegar. It will be an excellent solution (white vinegar and warm water with equal quantities). Dip the cloth into the solution and use it to clean up the taps. In case of the stubborn limescale, you wrap the fabric dipped in the solution and leave it for 60″ before washing. Following it, then dry the fixture to prevent it from rusting. 

Additionally, if the tap starts to look dull, bring back the luster by cleaning it well with vinegar and a soft, damp cloth. If you can not look at the joint due to the grime, use the old toothbrush and vinegar to make it sparkling clean. 

Method 3: Using a dishwasher

The solution of dish soap and water will be great for cleaning taps if your faucets are beginner-looking, worn, and old, the stains accumulated over consistent usage. You can use the cloth dipped into the solution of warm water and dish wash to clean up the mess. Besides, you can buff the tap with a dry cloth until it sparkles. 

Method 4: Using baking soda

The paste of water and baking soda will support cleaning the tough stains. If you find a terrible stain on the knob or tap’s body, you can pour some baking soda and water onto it, then scrub it away with the toothbrush. All the stains will go after a second!

Cleaning The Metal-plated Taps

The metal-plated taps will require careful handling. If you have the metal-plated tap for suitable decor in your kitchen, you should remember that it will require more careful handling than the standard stainless steel taps. The metal creates a delicate finish; hence, you have to steer clear of abrasive cleaning items. It would help if you used the microfiber cloth to wipe the fixture down every day to prevent the limestone from building up. 

It is best to avoid the water that might stain the delicate metal plating. If the hard water stains on fixtures, you can mix baking soda and distilled water for cleaning them. You can use the soft cloth dipped in the solution for cleaning each spot. Wipe the sports smoothly and nicely, and if you scrub hard, you might scratch on the fixture’s surfaces. 

How to Clean Your Taps for Maintaining Hygiene

After getting to know well about the tips for cleaning and keeping the taps clean and sparkling, you might want to know precisely the steps to clean the faucets. 

Step 1: Spray the tap with one of the above solutions as your preference. Then, make sure to cover all the tap neck and handle. 
Step 2: Get the small toothbrush, start to brush around the tap’s neck and every surface to remove the built-up limescale and grime. 
Step 3: Rinse off the tap with clean water with a microfiber cloth or sponge for removing dirt lifted. 
Step 4: Repeat until the dirt is all gone. 
Step 5: You should wipe down the stainless steel surfaces, including handles, neck, spout neck, for removing hard water stains. 
Step 6: Take the dry cloth. Towel and dry the tap until you thoroughly remove the water and the rap is looking clean and shiny. 
Step 7: Use the cloth to clean any built-up water around the sink top from the rinsing tap. 

*/Notice: The toothbrush is the perfect tool for cleaning the kitchen tap because it can reach up to the deep crevices of the tap skin joint, which is hard to reach. Although the alternative brush is for cleaning, using the toothbrush is cheap and also effective. 

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