What Are Professional Arborists’ Qualifications?

For a lover of the outdoors, many professions take you close to nature. Not everyone wants to sit behind a desk all day or operate a machine, so what can those who want to work outdoors choose to become? 

One of the most rewarding and exciting jobs is that of an arborist. It’s not a job that springs immediately to mind, but many people are professional arborists and enjoy long and fruitful careers.

What is an arborist? That’s just one of the questions we will be answering in the following article, in which we will explain what it takes to become an arborist and the type of person who chooses this profession as their career. Let’s begin by explaining what an arborist is and what the job entails.

What is an Arborist? 

Many people think that an arborist for tree services is a glorified name for a tree surgeon. One can be the other, but that’s always the case! We know that doesn’t sound very clear, so let’s talk about the difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist.

The best way to separate the two is to think of it like this: an arborist is a professional who manages trees in their environment in terms of aesthetic appearance. A tree surgeon also offers services such as tree removal and stump removal and dealing with dangerous and diseased trees, removing overhanging branches, and other physical aspects of the job.

So, there are two different jobs here, but they overlap, so we like to think of the term arborist as someone who is both a manager of trees and a tree surgeon. Very rarely will an arborist not offer tree surgery and removal services. So why would you need an arborist?

Why Might You Need an Arborist?

Their services are very much in demand and constantly. As they do, trees grow. Some become too big for the location we planted them in due to self-seeding (most of the case), then trees are in abundance. 

The seeds fall from the tree, settle in the ground, germinate, and – before you know it – there’s a fast-growing new tree in your yard! An arborist must either remove trees growing out of order or keep them pruned at a manageable level for the surrounding environment. 

You may also want an arborist to deal with roots that have grown wide and damaged property, or you may need stumps removed. Trees damaged during a storm need the services of an arborist, as they become a danger to nearby property and passers-by. How do you qualify as an arborist? That’s what our next section is all about.

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Is There an Arborist Qualification? 

To qualify as an arborist usually involves a greater level of experience than it does actual qualifications. You will find courses on offer for trainee arborists. Getting in at ground level when leaving school or college is usually the way an arborist begins. 

However, many horticultural and agricultural colleges run forestry courses, and universities also offer forestry management degrees or other relevant qualifications in plant care and cultivation that will be of use to a potential arborist. Yet, it always comes back to experience. As this is a skilled job like no other, learning from an already expert arborist is the best way to gain the specific skills needed to be good enough to provide professional arborist services.

While it is a job that the right person will enjoy, it is not one for everyone. If you were a child who enjoyed getting up in trees or loved being out and about in nature, then the job of an arborist may be the one for you. There is a lot of physical work in becoming an arborist and some powerful machinery that needs specific skills to operate, and you have to be someone who is OK with heights! If that sounds like you, you may want to check it out, so what do you do now?

Becoming an Arborist

If you’re the outdoor type and are looking for a rewarding career, why not look for local schools and colleges that run courses in the forestry and arborist areas of learning? YOU may also want to talk to local arborists about how they began the journey to the profession they are now in and see what advice they can offer. It’s a job that requires some special skills, so start investigating your new career right away.

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